Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Usia Bukan Penghalang!

81-year-old sex offender Keith Holmes busted trying to lure 12-year-old girl into his car

An 81-year-old sex offender in California just won't learn his lesson.

Convicted child molestor Keith Holmes was busted for trying to lure a preteen girl into his car in Palmdale, Calif., cops said.

A local mom said she saw the liver-spotted perv pull his car up to her 12-year-old daughter at an intersection about 11 a.m. Saturday and ask if she wanted a ride.

After the girl shot him down, Holmes continued to creep alongside her until the girl's mom came over and chased him away, cops said.

Luckily for the family - and neighborhood kids - the dirty old man obeys traffic laws and the mom was able to jot down his license plate when he stopped at a red light, KTLA-TV reported.

Cops tracked him down a short time later and hauled him in on suspicion of kidnapping.

The girl and her mother were not identified.

Local authorities said Holmes was a notorious predator who has been arrested for molesting children twice since December 2009. He was on probation for those arrests.

The Palmdale deputy who cuffed Holmes said his car was filled with shady "items" that would have helped him kidnap a child, but he wasn't specific, KTLA reported.

Holmes was being held on $1 million bail, and he is scheduled to be arraigned on Tuesday.Lanjut

Oh dunia ini!

Setiap kisah ada ibrohnya.

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